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Your Attendance at Cultural Events This Semester___ARTS 125 Basic Drawing

August 20, 2019

Your Attendance at Cultural Events This Semester

ARTS 125 Basic Drawing

We live in a lovely, somewhat secluded area of Northern California. It certainly has its strengths but it’s no San Francisco. Art comes to those who seek. That’s why, this semester, you’ll try to attend everything you possibly can on and off campus in search of new experiences in art, science, theatre, philosophy, music, dance, etc., etc.

You’ll attend a MINIMUM of three “events” and write a review of two. After you take each one in, spend some time thinking about it. You may need to do some digging before or after the event to fill yourself in on the context or history of an event. Bring that to bear in your review.

I’m not asking you to write a scholarly paper. I am interested in what you thought of the event after you take the time to mull it over and make sense of the experience. If you would like to read some nicely written reviews, go to a few of these links: or

We’ve got loads of wonderful magazines in the Ira Latour Resources Library, Ayres 205 where you can read reviews. You can use these for reference. Remember, however, that these cultural events are things you experience LIVE, not online. You can type your review, upload photos, handwrite it in your journal. (Either way, put it in the back of your journal in the pages for Culture Events where it will be available for me to see.) You may also include the “show card”, or perhaps you’ll find another review of the show and want to include that along with yours (even agree or disagree with it?) in there.

Here are some writing prompts for you (you don’t need to follow these… just some things thoughts if you need help getting started):

~Describe the event. Take a journalistic approach, putting the reader into the space.

~What attracted you to this event? Were you there to be informed, entertained, challenged?

~Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the event as you see them.

~End your review with personal insights about the venue (visual art, theatre, oratory, etc.) that you attended.

~Remember to grab any literature, announcement cards, etc. and attach them in your journal.


REVIEW (definition): To look over, study, or examine again; To consider retrospectively; look back on.To examine with an eye to criticism or correction.

Remember: attend a minimum of three. Write reviews of a minimum of two. This is due in your journal by the final. Suggestion: attend at least one or two by midterm and get my feedback on your writing.

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