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Analysis of Form Worksheet II: Drawing in the Metal Shop

October 22, 2018

ARTS125 BasicDrawing_Analysis of Form II

ARTS 125 Basic Drawing

Analysis of Form 

Worksheet II


  • Identify and strengthen compositional elements that lead to good drawing practices.
  • Use the viewfinder to choose your own set up.
  • Pay particular attention to the space between the objects you’ve selected to draw.
  • Edit the field of vision; think about how your drawing will fit the paper.
  • Use analytic strategies to make your drawing’s space meaningful

Set up: machinery in the metal shop

Tools: white paper 18” x 24”, compressed and vine charcoal, ink supplies including water and brushes, pencils, erasers, micro or roller ball pen

Before we begin, we will discuss the following terms:

Elements of composition 

Depth of field

Lines, curves, viewpoint, depth, negative space, filled space

Foreground, background, middle ground

shapes, pattern, texture

Principles of composition: 

Visual tension





rhythm, unity/variety 

symmetry, asymmetry

Use one sheet of paper, proceed through the following steps…

Drawing 1: 20 minutes

Block out the composition

Analyze your use of space and forms ~ 

  • Draw a “limit line” about 1” inside your paper’s edge. Objects in your drawing will, in some cases, touch this line.
  • Use either vine charcoal or 2h pencil to do your layout. Draw lightly.
  • Use major forms in the machinery to “block in” the location and size of it on your page.
  • Do not erase underdrawing. Let the lines continue past the objects

Drawing 2: 10 minutes

  • Find a rhythm or repetition naturally occurring in the drawing. Gently emphasize those lines. Refine your forms and their relationship to the space around them as well as the paper’s edges.

Drawing 3: 15 minutes

  • Identify your depth of field: what’s in the foreground, middleground, background
  • Determine ways to create movement into and throughout the drawing… get our eye to move all the way from f.g. to b.g.
  • Use emphasis techniques: line, focus (soft or hard in-focus edges), contrast

Drawing 4: 30 minutes

  • Chiaroscuro, visual emphasis, selective focus

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