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Final Portfolio ARTS 125

November 7, 2017


Final Portfolio   




Prepare the following portfolio to hand in at our final:

1. Your 4 best drawings: these can include homework and/or in-class work.  Your name should be on the back of each drawing. Each drawing should be sprayed with Spray Workable Fixative. Do not hand drawings in that are rolled up.  Your presentation of the work is important: cut off spiral edges, flatten rumples, etc.  Mainly, I am looking for a progression in the skill level of your work.

PLEASE NOTE: Your sketchbook is due the week before the last day of class. They will be returned to you at the class final.

2. Place the above in a portfolio that is large enough to house the drawings.  Please use fixative on all of your drawings before putting them into the portfolio.  Label the portfolio this way:

Suzy Creamcheese {Your Name}

ARTS125 – Final Portfolio

Professor Simons


3. Take care in compiling your portfolio.  You will receive a separate grade for this presentation, based on overall quality and improvement in the course.  I will factor this grade in with your semester’s grades.

4. I will announce the time and date that your portfolios will be ready to be picked up. The Department of Art cannot be responsible for portfolios or materials left beyond the appointed date.

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