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Preparation for Final Paper:Pull on a Thread/ the Six Column Method for Brainstorming

October 17, 2017


ARTS495: Special Topics/Truthiness

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Preparation for Final Paper: Pull on a Thread



Preparing for a topic:

The topics you choose to research in this paper will assist you in your investigation of ideas that will support and deepen your studio work. In order to find your footing, you must first go BIG! Brainstorm large concepts! Then, from there you will narrow and connect threads.


Mapping ideation:

We will drawstorm in class. You will let ideas pop into your head and map them out on a large, unlined paper. Begin with a prompt and then add words to that, i.e, from “animal” go to “the animal in…” and fill in the blank, like “the animal in the human”. Don’t overthink this. Give yourself lots of free reign. We’ll pull on these threads as a group in order to brainstorm with you.



From the drawstorming session, try to imagine finding an interesting topic… one of which you really know nothing but could enjoy learning about. These topics will supply you with interesting territory but you have to coax it out of them. Don’t choose something like, “cooking”, rather bend it and twist it into something like, “fire and chewing”. Now you’d have two things to link. Linkages will help you.


Here’s the format for topic creation:


Use the Six Columns Method: (make your own chart….this one is too constraining)

Single Words Associations with that word Word combinations mixing columns 1 and 2 Adding Yet Another word(s) on top of that Areas you’d need to research Possible topic titles



Homework: Based on our discussion, brainstorming and the Six Columns Method, bring at least 3 proposed topics for your Pull on a Thread paper. Bring all notes leading up to this. This is due on 10/23 at 8am. You will begin your outline after that class. The outline is due on 10/30. It needs to be 2 pages long.

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