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Truthiness Mobile Unit Kit Assignment September 13

September 13, 2017


Truthiness Mobile Unit Assignment

ARTS 495

All of the information below is on your schedule.

(Assignment was introduced on 9/11)



ASSIGNMENT: Drawings and writings that express your “Truthiness Mobile Unit**” ideas. These can employ strategies for cropping, editing, hijacking, rearranging reality.

Bring your drawings, lists of materials, possible uses for technological interface if applicable. These materials and ideas will suggest the format or platform or props that your mobile unit will need. These may be as simple as a clipboard, a customized article of clothing, direct mailing campaigns, posters, I.D. tags. Whatever your choices are, bring your sketches and ideas (PLURAL) to class on 9/18 so that we can brainstorm with you.


**A “Mobile Unit” infers a viewer/user interface

Your brainstorms are DUE: 9/18




Bring brainstorming sketches, ideas, lists, descriptions, etc. for DIY Truthiness Mobile Unit pieces to class. Be prepared to give us a brief (5 minutes) presentation of your directions. Class will discuss all pieces.



Choose one of your ideas to develop into a better, more concrete concept. This will require you to produce a more detailed set of drawings, and acquire or make material expressions as tests. You will bring this to class and present your concept.

DUE: 9/25



Fleshed-out Truthiness Mobile Unit Kit Concept DUE today. This includes your drawings, list of materials, objects, technology if applicable, etc.

Discuss and assign: Truthiness Mobile Unit PROTOTYPE assignment



Build a PROTOTYPE of your Truthiness Mobile Unit Kit

Due 10/2



PROTOTYPES DUE TODAY. In class presentation, discussion, critique

DISCUSS AND ASSIGN: Using the kits, documentation of their use, framing them in a context. Proof that they really work!

From sketch to concept to prototype to REAL THING, make the necessary modifications to take your Truthiness Mobile Unit into the public sphere where you will test drive its uncanny abilities. Evidence of their lives in the real world may require video documentation, some may require stills, others may come back to us with evidence of their use. Your call!

Due for presentation: 10/11 and 10/16


All kits will be evaluated based on “authenticity”

See also: Agit-Prop



Work on Truthiness Kits



Work on Truthiness Kits

Write statement about your piece for the crit.



Crit : Truthiness Mobile Unit Kits in context/use

See work of 6 students



Crit: DIY Truthiness Kits in context/use

See work of 5 students









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