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WIRTING ASSIGNMENT #1: Parts 1,2,3. An investigation into the work of Zoe Crosher

August 19, 2017

ARTS 495 – Truthiness



Part 1:

A first step into your investigation of the work of Zoe Crosher

Here are 6 very basic questions that you can use as prompts to develop your own questions and observations while reading about Zoe Crosher.


What media does she work in?


How does the medium affect the message that you get from the work? That is, what associations/expectations do we usually have when we look at a photograph? Do you think she wants you to think about those while viewing her work?


Where does truth come into her work?


What do you think she is saying to her audience?


Make two lists: one list of observations and one list of questions. Bring them to class on Wednesday and use them for reference when meeting with Zoe that morning.

Hand your copy of lists in after our visit on Wednesday. Keep a copy of this on your computer! See below for Part 2 of this assignment.

Find more information on Zoe Crosher from other sources in addition to her website.

Part 1 of Zoe Crosher writing assignment is due 8/23


Part 2 of Zoe Crosher writing assignment due 8/28

Writing #2:

Investigative writing: Now that you’ve met Zoe Crosher, seen her work, and attended the show, deepen the responses to your observations and expand on the questions you posed. 1-2 pages.


Due 8/28



Part 3

Discussion on 8/28: About writing and about subject

What makes an interesting question?

What are the angles we might explore in investigating an idea? [Introduce bias, argument]

The writing you are doing would be called an expository essay. This means you are investigating an idea, explaining it and making an argument. Can you reframe and strengthen some of your writing by adhering to the expository format? Write a one to two page narrative that fleshes out an idea that you would like to explore in regards to the work of Zoe Crosher. Feel free to spend more time at the exhibition. You may include images in addition to the 1-2 pages of writing.


Hand in parts 1,2,3 on September 6.