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Hybrid Theatre

August 25, 2016

ARTS 371



Hybrid Theatre

This assignment offers you the opportunity to build an antidote to the “Us vs. Them” mentality in global current events. Through the miracle of re-combinations [you build ‘em in wax!] you can make a quasi-evolution happen. POOF!, there’s no such thing as a pure origin, single gender, nor untainted ethnicity,… no Us, no Them. BEHOLD: it’s the inter-breed!!! The blend!!!!

BANG!, POW!, your new genetically [well, kinda] engineered beings can pose new possibilities. But that’s not all, folks. You will be asked to stage these in a narrative format — like a scene on a theatre stage — that gives the hybrids a place in their world and something they’d like to get across in their frozen moment in Hybrid Theatre.


Here are a few things to think about. You may choose some or all, but DO use these prompts for jumping off points:

Character development — the transformation of the being

Find a theme you’d like to work with… i.e., “Overcoming” [suggestions? Read Brain Pickings, for example: see TED talks, etc.]

Scale – size relationships between of the actants*

A suggested past or future


* actant: Pronunciation: /ˈaktənt/  NOUN (In literary theory) a person, creature, or object playing any of a set of active roles in a narrative: “the room has become an actant, a surrogate for the heroine herself”



Go see a play; pay attention to the stage

Read about the term, tableau in sculpture, introduced by Ed Kienholz and Nancy Redden

Look at these artists and add more of your own liking: Kiki Smith, Tom Otterness

Keep track of your research in your drawing book.


Consult our class Schedule for detailed due dates

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