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Assignment: Organ Recital

August 20, 2016


ARTS 372 f16

Organ Recital:

  1. On an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper draw an outline of the body in continuous line.
  1. On the outside of this body, draw as many of the organs of the body as you can recall.
  1. Diagram their proper placement. Draw a line from organ to their site in the body.
  1. Take a breath and realize that we really cannot intuit all of the interior intricacies of that which keeps us alive.
  • Begin a research tour of the form and function of the organs of the body. You can begin your research on organs here: Add other sites to your list. Record all of your findings in your drawing book. also: and,

6. Equip yourself with greater appreciation of the mechanics (the how) of an organ’s function (the why) and how its form (the wow!) interacts with its functions. You may notice a renewed awe for these powerful players.

  1. Although you are looking at these thru flat media (books, screens), you are now going to try to borrow, steal, imitate, invent, riff, interpolate, interpret their forms and surfaces in wax in order to create an organ of your own. Your organ does not (should not!) need to be a recreation of that which already exists. Nay! Instead, it is an invented organ for something that you wish existed — for personal reasons — and its form will be directly inspired by some of the forms and functions you’ve researched in “real” organs.
  1. You will make 3 organs. They may be a grouping that needs each other or each might be independent of the others.
  1. For our purposes, each will follow these tenets of a good organ:
  2. no larger than the palm of your hand
  3. explore texture that is integral to its purpose
  4. make one organ solid, another hollow, and a third flat(ish)

Reading assignment: “Metamorphosis” from the New Yorker

Write up a response to this article in your journal. The prompt for your response is: Being a beast and the sympathetic imagination.


M.M.S. (Methods for Modern Sculptors)

Pgs. 1-15


See Class Schedule for due dates regarding this piece.



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