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Links for reading and research — includes Dal Vivo project by Laurie Anderson

March 9, 2016

Just a few Resources (from last page of our syllabus)
Good examples in paint, collage, textiles:

Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure

Massive Collection of mappists compiled by Denis Wood: (open in Chrome)

if the above link doesn’t load, try this: (and click on PDF Catalogue of map artists)


Carlos Gacraicoa:


Sasha Petrenko: Founder, The New Urban Naturalists, creating public workshops, alternative trail maps and performances supporting the development of interspecies relationships.


“Sound Fields: Mapping acoustic territories, NYC, NY 2010, Curated by David Wilson


Yoko Ono’s Map Pieces, research: personal accounts


Ira Glass interviews Denis Wood on This American Life:




History of Cartography: first three volumes in pdf: (go to left side of page)


Archie Archambault: A designer relies on exploration and the knowledge of locals to create a unique series of maps.


Open in Chrome:


Artists Turn City Maps Into Art


Laurie Anderson: Dal Vivo

Laurie Anderson: intro to PBS Place:


what comes to mind is mapping.  walks by people who leave (either intentionally or unintentionally) a mark of where they chose to wear a path…artists like Richard Long



Umberto Eco: The Book of Legendary Lands


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