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Collaborator (a distant cousin on the other side of the family from Incubator)

November 3, 2015


You will collaborate with an artist whose work will agitate your intellect, claw at your senses, and make you envy their very existence. They don’t know you and they certainly don’t know that you are stalking them. This person/animal/troupe may be dead or alive. You will need to do extensive research on their work (presented in a lecture) before beginning this piece.

This is not about an imitation of style. Only choose a collaborator if you have reason to believe that annexing their knowledge, methodology, or technical prowess will create new pathways in your own practice.  This challenges you to learn through close observation but asks that you rise above simple mimicry. As you adopt key aspects of your collaborator’s aesthetics, you will wrestle with your own work and create a third artist that is somewhere between the two of you.

Discussion: lessons, insights, news from your experiences with the Incubator show.

See class schedule for due dates.

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