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Assignment #1: Notation

January 20, 2014

Assignment #1: Notation

Due: 1/28/14




Create a score for performance in class. You can write your piece for a specific object or musical instrument, or simply to convey an abstract and generalized idea. If you have a specific object or instrument in mind, please be prepared to bring it to class on the due date for use in the performance.


NOTE: if you do include a musical instrument in your piece, make sure that it can be performed by anyone, with or without musical training.


Please include a brief set of instructions (key) accompanying your piece for others to follow. Imagine yourself as a performer coming across the piece for the first time. What would you need to know to perform it accurately?


Make sure to include:


  • Title
  • Time (speed, when event occurs, for how long)
  • Pitch/Frequency (if necessary)
  • Dynamics
  • Timbre
  • Expression markings (mood, emotional, poetics, extra musical)



  • Think about the relationship of foreground to background sounds
  • Think about depicting sound both symbolically as well as visually
  • Extra-musical ideas are best depicted extra-musically

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