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ARTS 371 ~ Virtual Gallery for Sound Art research

January 20, 2014

REVISED: 1/20/14



Sound Is Art

Networked Music Review

Books/Info:  Ken Rinaldo’s “Interactive Electronics for Artists and Inventors

Digital Artists’ Handbook | Digital Artists’ Handbook Making Things Talk: Practical Methods for Connecting Physical Objects: Tom Igoe: Books

mikroElektronika : books : Understanding electronic components

Handmade Electronic Music, The Art of Hardware Hacking

Basic audio electronics

how- to and what is circuit bending?

How to use basic soldering techniques for electronics | Wonder How To Getting Started with Arduino (Make: Projects): Massimo Banzi: Books Getting Started in Electronics: Forrest M. Mims III: Books

EMF Institute Aldrich Sound Art

Sound Travels

Arts Electric

Mute magazine – Culture and politics after the net

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: Gallery of Graphic Musical Notation

Add Volume, Jack — DIY How-to from Make: Projects

Virtual gallery:

Matrixsynth: Burlap and AANN

MAKE: Blog: Installation listens, processes, and feeds back audio into the room

S.W.A.R.M. Sewer White Acoustic Resonance Machine

perf.2008 : hybridsound

Untitled Sound Objects (Installlations 2005-2006) by Pe Lang + Zimoun on Vimeo

pe lang + zimoun : untitled sound objects

Google Image Result for


Make: Online : Radioactivity plays the strings

Networked Music Review — Wearable Forest


Pixel Form – Works by Phillip Stearns – Main

MATRIXSYNTH: Stan Lunetta’s Moosack Machine (1970)

Exploratorium: The Wave Organ

San Francisco’s Wave Organ

The Uberorgan

Networked Music Review — Live Stage: Rainforest IV [London]

Create Digital Music » Musical Machines, Piano-Playing Typewriters, Plastic Cups, and Invisible’s Physical Music

Serv Seq on Vimeo

Networked Music Review — Walking in the City with Christina Kubisch

Sonic State – News Celebrate The Solstice With Avant Garde Electroacoustic Music, Or Maybe Not……

Create Digital Music » Video, Interview: ATOM by Robert Henke, Christoph Bauder – Musical Balloon Sculpture

Create Digital Music » Beautiful Sonic Sculptures from Portugal, and Announcing Handmade Music Porto

Reverberant | Sound Art | Projects

Dan Overholt


Peter Blasser : shinths

Make: Online : Sound circuits played by video projection

Sonic State – News An Introduction To Cymatics, Discover The Freaky World Of Sound Made Visible

Make: Online : That’s one crunchy cracker …

Sonic State – News The SoundLathe Brings Traditional Woodcraft To Electronic Music, And Not A Moment Too Soon

Make: Online : SpinTronic, light-based sound controller

Eden: an evolutionary sonic ecosystem

Sound Chaser on Vimeo


“Touch Wood” in forest in Kyushu region of Japan:

Stephen Vitiello: A Bell for Every Minute; co-produced with CREATIVETIMENEWYORK

Bernie Krause: The voice of the natural world on TED:

Paper and card organ:  translating weather data collected in cities into musical scores   beer bottle record player Lawrence Abu Hamdan presented The Freedom of Speech Itself revealing the geo-politics of accents  Samuel Beckett, Not I, 15´06´´, 1973

John Baldessari and Anri Sala, Natural Mystic

Yang Zhenzhong, “I Will Die”

Katarina Zdjelar, The Perfect Sound, 14´30´´, 2009

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