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Your Website Assignment:spring 2016

December 5, 2013

Student Website Assignment  fall 2015

Outcome: A professional website or blog of your artwork.

Goal: Learn how to build the website or blog from the ground up, allowing you flexibility in managing it.




YOUR Images

1. High quality photographs of each piece should include at least 3 but not more than 5 views of sculpture. Paintings can hold at 3. Each view should reveal an important aspect such as overall, detail, aerial, elevation, etc.

2. Title of work

3. Description of work.  A brief narration might include conceptual background that is not immediately evident to the viewer. This can be a short sentence or three. For Example: “Still from video”; “Aerial view from rooftop at full moon”; “Interior of room after sacrifice has been performed”; “Bells are activated by eye movement when viewer passes over threshold”.

4. Dimensions of work. Be consistent. If you use inches, use them throughout the image’s page. Use feet when the inches go into the hundreds.  List the order consistently.  H x W x D

5. Date completed.

6. If it is permanently installed somewhere, be sure to note its location.

Artists statement and CV

1. A brief artist’s statement; look at all forms of these: online, at shows, etc. What is your art practice? Be informative, don’t wax philosophical, don’t be gratuitously opaque.

2. C.V.(Curriculum Vitae) :

There is no singular best template for this.  However, the reader should be able to scan the pages easily in order to see your professional activity.  You should list your name, city of residence, website address, email address at the top. Next, your education (BFA, MFA), then selected exhibitions (with info such as “juried” “invitational”, “catalogue” along with explanations of the show if need be, name of gallery, if it traveled, etc.). List shows by date from most recent. Put solo shows in their own category.

You can group activities such as juror, show organizer, speaker, etc. under “professional activities”. Create a separate category for awards. Each entry should explain type of award. This might include scholarships, honorable mentions, etc.

Work experience is important, too.  List and describe.

Be consistent. Always work from most recent. Don’t scratch around for unimportant filler. It always reads as such.

DUE DATE: These are to be put on line and presented to our class at the end of the semester (final).

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