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Developing Your Ideas

November 12, 2013


Arts 270





A Worksheet/ Mind map created and explored through your ideas and research.



Defining the problem.

Think about the essence of the problem and write it up in your own words in just 1-2 sentences. If there are words or concepts you don’t understand, look up definitions and fit them into the reading of the problem.


Approach ‘knowing’ this problem by drawing and writing up examples that come to mind when defining the description of the problem.

Empirical background: What do you already know about the ideas set forth in this problem? What are the gaps in your knowledge that you’d like to research?  Get used to steering your own curiosity and reaping the rewards.


Define the range of different ways it can be manifested: What are the ways to look at this and the many solutions to these views? (note: SOLUTIONS is plural)


Evidence of its validity: Why are we investigating these issues?

Look at the different parts of the problem as it is connected to you AND to a larger field, i.e., aesthetics, your culture, the landscape, science, etc.


After researching these possible trails, what do you come up with?? What’s the larger picture? Re-define the essence of the problem (go back to your original definitions and re-establish / broaden / refine your connections.


Supporting the solutions:

Know your ideas.  Be prepared to give a context for your thinking and solutions.


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