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Assignment #1: Sculpting a Self-Portrait in Clay and Translating it Through Mold Making Into Other Materials

August 25, 2013

Assignment #1: Sculpting a Self-Portrait


This is a problem that encompasses many skills that a sculptor needs to learn in order to move on to more complex means of making your ideas come to fruition.

You will:

  • construct an armature for a sculpture that cannot stand up on its own without internal support
  • learn how to sculpt clay using tools
  • practice eye-hand coordination through direct observation
  • learn how to translate visual ratios (proportions) from one form to another
  • understand the contours of the head: the way to build upon the inner skeletal form, the method of using planes to understand overall form of the head and hair
  • how to make a flexible mold and a mother mold
  • choose various casting materials in order to understand the relationship between form, idea, material, and technique


Step-by-step instruction will be given. This is a 10 week project where you’ll have many opportunities to experiment, edit, take chances with ideas, and develop a personal direction.


I will be adding to this page as we move through the assignment.


Sculpting the skull Parts I,II,III (notice the small scale at which this skull is being sculpted.)

NOTE: pay attention to the narrowness of the skull from the tip of the nose to the rear of the cranium.



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